Imagine ...if there was something that you could do for your health that caused you to get skinny....FAST!!!

Imagine....if there was a simple system that you could follow and in a short time lose fat, remove impurities while building lean muscle mass.

Imagine...if there was a way to have more ENERGY, feel and look YOUNGER and BE HAPPIER.

I have personally experienced all of this and more!


Stephanie Farrell,

One day I was complaining to a friend on the phone (what are friends for?),about my out of control weight.  She suggested one "diet" after another, and none of them would work for me, for one reason or another.  Mostly because I had already tried them!  Later that evening, she called me back.  She came across a web site that she wanted to tell me about. I believe that "there are no accidents" and so I took a look.

I was so impressed with the web site.  It was about Nutritional Cleansing for your body for health and wellness.  And, people were dropping weight, a lot of weight and FAST. When I saw that the System was being endorsed by John Gray, Author of "Men are From Mars, and Women are From Venus" AND Jack Canfield, co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul", this gave the System instant credibility for me.

I ordered the program I released 12 pounds and 11 inches on my first program!!  And, I felt vibrant, HAPPY, energetic and ALIVE!   My husband was so impressed that he tried it and released 13 pounds!   One morning he stopped to give me a hug and I noticed that it felt DIFFERENT! Our stomachs were no longer in the way!!

Remember my girlfriend that originally found the web site for me?   She was so excited about my results that she tried it too.   She released 13 pounds and 10 inches! Even my 16 year old son was asking about it.   He loved the difference that he saw in his Mom and Dad.   He asked to try it.   I didn't think that he needed to lose any weight, but I know he has impurities....he loves junk food.   (He's my "baby", I admit to spoiling him!!)   So, my teenage son went on the program and released 14 pounds just like that!.   He is much happier, more confident and relaxed.

My 23 year old daughter heard about her "little brother" (not so little, he's almost 6 feet tall!!), and she HAD to try it.   She released 9 pounds right away, and that was all she needed to lose.   All of us have maintained our weight loss, AND some of us continue to lose because the Cleansing System promotes health in your body, you will only lose weight if you need to! And, these products do NOT contain ephedra, ma huang or added caffeine.

As the impurities left my body I experienced a general state of HAPPINESS and WELL BEING. Dr John Gray talks about this in his latest book, "The Mars & Venus Diet and Exercise Solution".   It's months later and I still feel that way.  It's like I was "sleep walking" through life, and now I'm AWAKE!  This is how life is SUPPOSED to be!

Not only have I kept the initial weight off, but I kept losing!. I went from a size 18 to a size 10 in less 2 months, and I've maintained that with very little effort.

Are you toxic?
Probably.  How can a person live in this world and not build up impurities?  It's in our food, in our surroundings, in the very air that we breath!  It seems like every culture on the planet has a plan for cleansing the body of impurities, except ours (the good old American Diet... that is killing us!). Now, I had heard of cleansing before.  But, I didn't want to "starve" or be uncomfortable.

On this program ,  I was NOT hungry.  I did NOT have food cravings!  Plus, it did NOT interfere with my daily life.  Nobody could even tell that I was on a plan.  Except that I was getting thinner and thinner, right before their very eyes!

This system has changed my life.  I feel great about myself. I'm HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and THINNER!  I was so down and hopeless just a few short months ago.  I think about how glad I am that I found this wonderful product, and how glad I am to be back to my HAPPIER, YOUNGER, HEALTHIER, self.  I want to share this with others who might be feeling the same way I was.

Cost? What was it worth to me? Wow. I can't even place a value on feeling this good. And, here is the really great part. It's super affordable. In fact, because this is food, it replaces meals. I personally am saving on my grocery shopping! Instead of costing money, this program has saved money for me. Not to mention how convenient it is! And, when you are building your health, that saves money in many ways, who can afford to be sick these days? I can't even remember the last time I had the flu or a cold.

Looking back to my life before I found Nutritional Cleansing.... I felt old, fat and frumpy. I was trying to tell myself that this is what life at my age, is supposed to be. Then....I went from shopping at Lane Bryant to shopping at the Gap! I have so much more energy than I had before. It's a true Blessing! �



Having a great time this summer!

Here's our idea of "camping" food!

My friend and Cleansing business partner, Connie and myself. Can you believe that she is 65 years YOUNG?!!!


Hello friends

Update…..Fall 2009

It’s been a while since I wrote myskinnystory.  And, this story continues.

At the time I write this, it’s been almost 6 years since the transformation took place.  My life changed in that moment in so many ways.  I am so grateful!  

Instead of being 6 years older….I feel 6 years younger!  I have boundless energy, my hair has grown like crazy, my skin is softer and smoother, and I have been able to maintain my size for the first time in my life!  This is HEALTHY LIVING!

I used to keep several different sizes in my closet.  Not anymore!!  In my entire adult life, I was never able to wear the same clothes year after year!  In fact, I didn’t even know what it was like to discard something because I was tired of it, or it was worn out…..I only got rid of things because they didn’t fit me anymore and I was tired of them “taunting” me….like…those jeans that I was always trying to get in to.

As these years have passed, I have continued to be blessed by the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing.  Some women pay for all kinds of treatments to look younger.  I never did any of that (not saying I wouldn’t…..well, naaah, I wouldn’t), and YET I keep hearing people say that I don’t look my age.  People are surprised to hear that I am a grandmother of a 8 and 10 year old.  People are surprised to hear am 50 years old.  Now, I wasn’t looking for results like these, but I LIKE them, I REALLY DO!!

Can I take a moment to talk about convenience?  My husband and I both love to mix up a smoothie for breakfast and jump in the car…and go!  A healthy breakfast, that makes you feel soooo good, tastes sooooo great, and it’s fast and easy…that’s terrific!.  My daughter loves the program.  And,  when she travels as a flight attendant, she can have a smoothie or a bar instead of ….dare I say it….”airport food”. Don't even get me started on the heatlhy (YUMMY) chocolate.... This program is a FOOD program.  And, this FOOD is GOOD!

Another part of the program that I must report on is that I am getting paid to eat this food.  I shared the program with friends and family ( and a few strangers) along the way and I have received payment for referring them.  That’s what I call FABULOUS! 

I like to tell people that I get paid to eat chocolate and drink yummy smoothies.  And, it’s true. 

If you have any questions, I’m here. 

Just call me “Coach”, I’m here to cheer you on as you take the journey of a life time!

Ready to learn more?

Email me for more information: stephaniefarrell123, FREE Personal Coaching to reach your health goals and FREE Coaching by me personally to help you build a home based business income. What are you waiting for? Today IS the day!

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2011 It just keeps getting better!

As I write this, I am almost to my 8 year anniversary of "My Skinny Story".

And, it just keeps getting better. I've stayed in my size 10. My energy is incredible! I feel much younger and more vibrant. I want to TAKE ON THE WORLD!

People ask me how I am able to do all the things that I do...the answer is THIS program!

Recently I joined a band and learned how to sing, play bass and perform. I played every weekend for the last 2 years. My husband and I thank god every day for these shakes that keep us going! This picture is from our County Fair in July.

And, this summer, I became a free lance business reporter for our local paper. I'm also very involved in our community, I'm the President of our women's network. I gotta tell you...being in my 50's is a wonderful thing! And, with this program, I believe that living longer and being younger longer is the way of the future.

Right now, with all of the problems in our economy, I am so grateful that this program is an income stream for me. I want to tell you that it can be INCOME for you also. This company pays WEEKLY. Wow, weekly cash flow is an incredible thing. Are you interested? Are you serious? I am.

Contact me right away and I will work to make this happen for you.

AND if you would like to read my 2015 update, please visit my blog at My Personal Blog, Farrell Focus


Email me, or find me on, FREE Personal Coaching to reach your health goals and FREE Coaching by me personally to help you build a home based business income. What are you waiting for? Today IS the day!



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